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Daily from  9a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closure only in case of bad weather

You can do this free of charge by 6 p.m. on the 8th day prior to the rental, should the cancellation come later, you will recover what you paid with a voucher to spend by the end of the season in an off-season period. In case of cancellation after the 7th day of the rental or in case of no-show, the price of the entire rental will have to be paid without possibility of rental. Reservations made online are non-refundable.

The battery life of a mountain e-bike depends on many factors. Ours are lithium-ion batteries, so they last longer than lead-acid batteries. However, the duration depends on the type of terrain, the weight of the rider , the temperature and the level of assistance you set.

There is no danger: they are pedal-assisted mountain bikes thanks to an electric motor. It is you who chooses what speed to go: the one your legs allow! If you don’t pedal, you will stand still.

Our e-bikes have a Bosch Gen4 motor and battery from 625 Wh that allow you to ride for many miles. These motors still allow you to ride freely even without the help of the battery. It will be a little more tiring, but you will make it! We will still inform you of any available charging points on the route

It is possible to carry small dogs, up to 6 kg in the basket for the Travel e-Bike or Mobility e-Bike, for dogs up to 15 kg, the Dog Bike accessory is also available for the Family e-Bike. Before booking, send us a photo of your dog and we will tell you if it can be transported with our accessories.

Our staff will deliver everything you need for your excursion. At the end of the check in phase you will be given a small free guidebook to make the most of your day with also maps of the location. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy the experience 100%, we recommend that you seek the assistance of a professional guide (contact us for more details).

There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. In less than ideal weather conditions, just be equipped. Of course, if possible we offer you the possibility of moving the rental to an off-season period.

Italian law and the Highway Code do not require the use of helmets on bicycles, let alone e-bikes. However, Gavia bike’s choice is to protect its customers, and in the rental regulations we have included a commitment to wear a helmet. If you have your own you can use it, otherwise for a modest price you can rent it. Helmets at the end of each use are individually sanitized. There is no good reason not to wear a helmet; making sure you have a safe time is our priority.

At the time you pick up the bicycle and it is delivered to you, our staff will advise you that any damage done to the vehicle is your responsibility, as is the case when you rent a car from any car rental during one of your vacations. Similarly, it is your option to take out damage coverage that shields you from the most common breakdowns often due to trivial falls or accidental damage. Coverage is optional, and a price list for spare parts is publicly displayed on the rental premises. Theft, frame breakage, and damage due to use in situations prohibited by the rental regulations are not covered under any circumstances.

It is not possible for us to insure the bicycle in case of theft after delivery/rental. Unfortunately, it was not possible for us to find an insurance company willing to provide this service. We therefore ask that you observe the utmost care when storing your bicycle, keeping the vehicle in sight at all times. We can provide a padlock with chain to tie it if needed for a small extra charge. In case of theft, we ask you to notify us immediately by indicating the location where the bicycle was stolen so that we can activate with law enforcement.

The use of e-bikes is allowed for all children over the age of 8 and with a minimum height of 135 cm. Our staff will also check that the child is able to ride the bicycle safely. We know that in many cases children who are younger in age or stature are able to ride the bikes better than an adult, but unfortunately the approval for e-bikes with 24″ wheels states these characteristics, and we would be directly responsible for delivery even if you malva on your part. We regret not being able to let your children ride on many occasions, we will try together to find a solution as far as possible.

We do not force anyone to go out in bad weather, partly because in many cases it can be dangerous. We generally rely on the weather forecast from the night before (the only ones that are at least reliable), and in case bad weather rages on the morning of the rental, we will give you the option of moving your excursion to another day, subject to availability. In this case, those who organize on time are more likely to be able to move the date. However, we always ask for a nod of cancellation from you.

Reaching Edolo by e-bike involves a minimal physical and time commitment; in an hour, without breaking a sweat you can reach Edolo via the Oglio cycleway. We have on some occasions transported bicycles as far as Edolo , but this is the exception and not the rule. This situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis according to staff availability and the influx of tourists in the area. This is a paid service

All bicycles must be returned by 6 p.m. and are then given a mechanical check before being placed under charge. For this very reason it is not always possible for us to deliver bicycles the night before the rental, especially during periods (August) with high demand. If your desire is to leave early, we will certainly find a pickup arrangement for the day of your choice.

Bike rentals require ID, which we retain, and a credit card for guarantee. If you do not have a credit card, you can leave a cash security deposit of 100 euros for each bicycle and 300 to 500 euros for electric bicycles. Keep in mind that by using a credit card, the security deposit will not be immediately available at the end of the rental, as the banking circuits take a few days to release the amounts.